Technical Information

Please Note: The following charges will be applied from the 1st of January 2018.

  • Access to all Technical information will be 'time limited' to 1 hour, 1 day or 1 month for the selected information packages. The selected information packages are applicable to a provided VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the information may not be suitable for other vehicles.

  • Alternatively, an annual (365 days) subscription can be purchased.

  • Charging will be by Visa, including Electron, Maestro and MasterCard only in either Euro or Pounds Sterling.

Please Note: The republishing of this information via any media is strictly forbidden. If you wish to republish information from this site, then you must first contact Ford.

Charges Table

Deliverable 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Month 1 Year
*Mechanical Repairs (Repair procedures, Diagnostics, Specifications etc; including body mechanicals; excluding Body & Paint) and Labor Times €8 €15 €250 €2,600
*Body & Paint €8 €15 €250 included
*Wiring Diagrams (including full auxiliary data) €8 €15 €250 included
IDS licence fee - - - €1,908
eLearning - Technical Training (per course) - - €15 included

*If you purchase either Mechanical Repairs, Body & Paint or Wiring Diagrams for a VIN then TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) for this VIN will be included free of charge.

In addition, electrical and electronic repair packages are available for Euro Stage 5 vehicles. These packages are individually priced depending on functionality and are for use solely on the unique vehicle identified. The price is shown at the point of sale.

Technical Training

  • Under eLearning you will find training material suitable for self-study programs that may be undertaken outside of Ford Training Centres. Some eLearning courses must be done as a prerequisite to attend other courses. Please ask your local training administrator for details of courses that meet your training needs. For a more detailed description of how to use the eLearning courses please read the Help pages.

Technical Hotline

  • Calls to the technical Hotline are charged by 'transaction' i.e. the time of the telephone call and research

Per 'minute of transaction time' charges are:

Hotline Center Charges Per Minute
Colchester €1,50
Cologne €1,50
Paris €1,00
Rome €1,50
Valencia €1,00
Gothenburg €2,00

Please Note: Based on experience with current dealers, average 'transaction' duration is approximately 20 minutes.