How To Manage Your Favourite VINS

The Favourite VINS feature, located on the Home/Preferences/Favourite VINS tab, allows storage of favourite or commonly used VINs. This feature provides for faster vehicle lookups and prevents re-typing of commonly used VINS. The Favourite VINS page is located on the Home/Preferences/Favourite VINS tab. Favourite VINS can be added from a number of locations in eTIS. When a new VIN is added, it becomes available in the Favourite VIN dropdown menu. The stored VIN information is unique for each FordEtis user.

Adding VINs to the Favourite VINS list

VINs are added from three different locations on FordEtis:

  1. The Preferences/Favourite VINS page
  2. The Information/Vehicle page
  3. The OASIS/VIN Enquiry page

Adding VINs when in the Preferences/Favourite VIN page

Type the VIN in the VIN field and select 'Add'

Adding VINs from the Information/Vehicle and OASIS/VIN Enquiry pages

When conducting an enquiry or a search select the checkbox with the option 'Add this VIN to my Favourite VINs'

Editing/Adding descriptions to VINs

Go to Preferences/Favourite VINS and select 'Edit' adjacent to the required VIN. The Vehicle Description field is displayed where any required text can be entered. Click the 'Change' button to complete the change and to return to the favourite VINs page.

Removing VINs from the list

Click the 'Remove' button alongside the VIN of your choice to remove it from the list

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