How To View Technical Information

To view technical information on a specific vehicle, use one of the following methods:

  1. By Registration Number (only available in some markets at this time):
    1. Enter a registration number (excluding spaces)
    2. Click the adjacent 'Search' button

    Vanity plates and Ford Motor Company cars may be unlisted.

  2. By VIN Number - Using one of the following methods, enter a VIN into the VIN Number search field. Click the 'Search' button to start the search.
    1. VIN - Type a VIN into the search field
    2. Recent VINs - Select a VIN from the dropdown list of your last ten VIN Enquiries
    3. Favorite VINs - Select a VIN from the dropdown list of your Favorite VINs
  3. By Model (where feature available):
    1. Select a Model from the dropdown list, click on the adjacent 'Search' button

    'Model' is made up of a 'Model Name' followed by a date range during which that vehicle was built; 'Month' then 'Year'. When no end date is provided, the vehicle is still the current model. For example, 'Focus 1999 (08/1998-)'.

If the VIN (or Model & build date) entered corresponds to information held by FordEtis the user is automatically redirected to the 'Vehicle Summary' tab, where links to information 'specific' to the vehicle enquired upon are displayed.

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