Access to the complete FordEtis site is denied to a non-registered user. Therefore if you have not previously visited FordEtis Online you will need to register.

  1. Have You Registered Previously?
    1. Open your dealer portal and click on the FordEtis icon, a new window will open displaying the FordEtis Home page.
    2. On this page there are a number of blue and grey tabs at the top of the page, make sure the 'Home' Tab is highlighted blue.
    3. Underneath this tab (also highlighted in blue) are a number of sub tabs, if after the 'Conditions' tab the next tab is 'Registration', you are not registered onto this FordEtis site (as the 'Registration' tab can only be viewed by unregistered users).
  2. How To Register
    1. Follow the instructions above, then click on the 'Registration' tab.
    2. You will then be asked to read and agree to the conditions, scroll down the page and select the 'I agree' link.
    3. Next a pre-filled 'About You' page will be displayed, select your preferred language, then click on the 'Register' button.
    4. When registration is complete a message will appear, click on the 'Continue' link underneath this, you will then be directed to the 'Home' page.
    5. After registration, the 'Registration' tab should not be displayed, you will also notice various new tabs (OASIS+ & TSB for example).

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