Computer Settings

  1. Software Required - To enable Engine Immobilizer and PATS applications to run in FordEtis, you will need to make sure that the latest level of JAVA is installed. This can be located at Download the program, follow the on screen prompts and install Java.
  2. Browser Settings - Make sure that in your browser settings (IE or Firefox) are set to enable Java script to run and that the pop-up blocker has the following exceptions; * and *
    • IE Browser - Open a browser and select – Tools/Internet Options/Advanced, scroll down to the Java (Sun) check box and make sure this is checked. Then select – Tools/Pop-up Blocker/Pop-up Blocker Settings make sure that the exceptions are added.
    • Firefox Browser - Open a browser and select – Tools/Options/Content, make sure the Java check box is selected, then select the Exceptions tab next to the Block pop-up windows and add the exceptions.

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