How To Navigate The FordEtis Site

Within FordEtis there are the following types of navigation:

  1. Tabular Navigation
  2. FordEtis uses tabs for navigation. Each tab denotes main areas of functionality on the site. These tabs are located on the grey and blue bar at the top of this page. Selecting a tab displays the content of that tab, and in addition, may also present a subset of tabs. For example, when accessing this Help tab, the help index is displayed in the main page and sub-tabs called Copyright, Privacy and FAQ are also displayed and available for selection. The currently selected tab is highlighted for ease of navigation.

  3. Content Navigation
  4. In the FordEtis pages there are links allowing you to go directly to an area of interest. These are identified either as a light blue unvisited link or a purple visited link.

  5. Tree Navigation
  6. Workshop Manuals are displayed as hierachical structures of information. When a vehicle or VIN is selected from the Vehicle lookup page, found in the Vehicle tab, the top level of the structure, called System level, is displayed. Drilling down through the successive layers of information reveals more information for each specific System, divided into Groups, Sections and sub-sections. At the sub-section level an icon is displayed. Selecting this icon displays the content of the procedure in your browser, complete with any associated graphics.

    WARNING - There may be a charge when accessing Technical Information Content, you will be informed before access if this is the case.
  7. Contextual Help
  8. Contextual help is available on a number of FordEtis pages, located at the top right-hand corner of each page. Taking the Preferences page as an example, clicking on the 'Need help with: Preferences?' link opens a new help page. A Print option is also provided.

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