How To Access Mechanical Repairs / Body & Paint

  1. Selecting a Vehicle - Firstly you need to select the Vehicle for which you require Technical Information.
  2. Tree Navigation - Tree navigation is structured like the branches of a tree, you can use this to navigate to the required information:
    • Once selected click on the vehicle system you are interested in. The next view will display a list of system groups. Select one of these and you will see a list of group sections that contain the Repair Procedures. Click on the icon or Procedure Title and the content will be displayed.
    • Once the Procedure is displayed, at the top left hand corner above the tree navigation the icon will appear. Click on this to collapse the navigation tree, giving more room to view the Repair Procedure. Click again to display the tree again, or select one of the content links.
    • The horizontal scroll bar (this is the blue bar located to the right of the navigation tree) can be adjusted to make the tree wider or smaller. To do this hover over the bar until an arrow icon appears over it, then move the bar in the direction you would like. When the tree is extended and a vertical scroll bar appears alongside it, the blue horizontal scroll bar is displayed immediately next to the vertical scroll bar.
  3. Content Hyper-Links - Repair Procedures contain textual links, these can be of the following types:
    • Procedure References - These will take you directly to the indicated procedure.
    • Materials - If you hover above a material link with your mouse. A pop-up will show you the specification. Alternatively by clicking on one of these, you can return to the top of the page, where the Material can be found.
    • Pinpoint Tests - These will take you directly to the indicated Pinpoint Test.

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