Digital Service Record Summary

This is the main DSR screen. It summarises all of the key data recorded against the vehicle and provides navigation to all data maintenance functions. It should be used to help confirm that any new records about to be entered are for the correct vehicle and logical in terms of sequence, timing, mileage and content.

DSR History

This summarises all service events recorded in DSR for this vehicle.

  • A Ford oval against a record means the work has been undertaken by a Ford Authorised Repairer.
  • The service records are displayed in reverse order so that the most recent 'Job Date' is displayed at the top.
  • There are options to 'Add New Record' and 'Print'. There may also be the option to 'Edit this Record'.

'Add New Record':

Select this option when an all new DSR record needs to be added to the vehicle's service history.

  • An existing record may be amended through the 'Edit This Record' function, but it cannot be deleted.
  • DSR record deletions are only possible by contacting your NSC helpdesk.
  • To enter a service record with a 'Job Date' earlier than an already existing DSR record can only be inserted by the NSC helpdesk.

'Edit This Record':

This option is only available for a restricted period. This may be up to 30 days after the 'Job Date' and is controlled by a 'time' parameter.


Customers should always be given a new copy of the DSR printout whenever data has been added or updated.

  • Previous DSR printout copies should always be disregarded because a DSR Printout is only accurate provided there have been no changes to the DSR data since printing.
  • Data on the system may have been added, amended or deleted by other users and the customer may not have been given an updated DSR printout.
  • Printed documents may also be subject to 'creative changes', using commonly available software, to produce an 'inaccurate' printed service history. The only source of an up to date DSR record is the data held on the DSR system.

Print a DSR record as follows:

  • Select the 'Print' button to open the printing function and then select the various options as appropriate.
  • The 'Language' will be defaulted to the owners preferred language as set up in the Owner Data.
  • The 'Language for the DSR printout can be changed to any of the 29 Etis languages available.
  • If any owner data has been changed then the options 'Include Owner Contact Permission Statement' and/or 'Include Driver Contact Permission Statement' will be selected automatically for printing as appropriate. There is an 'Alert' message explaining why. These options can also be deselected prior to the actual printing if required.
  • Contact Permission Statements are in the language of the dealer because the contact permission settings and related 'legal' text applies to the country in which the dealer is located.
  • Contact Permission Statements are the ideal document for the owner to confirm that all of their contact details and contact permission settings are recorded in the system correctly. If there is a detail change required then the documents must be re-printed for the owner to re-approve. A signed copy should be retained in the dealership and a copy given to the customer.
  • If there is no owner associated with this vehicle at the time of printing then there is an option 'Enter Owner Details'. Selection of this option enables owner data to be entered that will appear on the DSR printout. This data is not saved and is lost once the DSR record entry process and printing has been completed.
  • DSR printouts are in PDF format to ensure consistent appearance in all printing environments. This format also makes it easy to forward copies electronically, for example by email to the owner.

Security Code:

This is used for record tracking purposes in association with the other data such as the Job Number, Job Date, Mileage and Repairer data.

  • The suffix at the end of this code shows if a DSR printout was produced and how many days after the record was entered or updated that printing occurred.
  • A '-' means no DSR printout has yet been produced and a 'number' equates to the number of days between the date the record was entered/updated and the print date.
  • A '0' means printed on the same day as the DSR data was entered/updated.

Vehicle Details

This provides sufficient vehicle details to help ensure that any DSR record additions or amendments are applied to the correct vehicle.

Registration Number:

This displays the most recent registration plate number attached to the vehicle and the date it was registered with the appropriate government authorities in the country.

First Registration Date:

This is the date the vehicle was first registered with the appropriate government authorities and with Ford Motor Company as a sold vehicle.

  • This date will normally align with the warranty start date.
  • This date is used to calculate the due date for the 1st Scheduled Service.
  • When intending to enter a PDI in DSR there may be no first registration date displayed.
  • Use the 'Update' option to enter a temporary 'First Registration Date'. This should be as close as possible to the expected first registration date.
  • This temporary date will be replaced by the official 'First Registration Date' when it becomes available in other Ford systems.
  • This Ford 'system' supplied date will also trigger the recalculation if the 1st Scheduled Service date.


This option enables registration plate changes, including 'private' plates, to be recorded in DSR and also provides access to the history of registration plate data previously applied to the vehicle. This option is only available to the dealer that entered the most recent DSR service record.

  • A warning is displayed as a reminder that registration plate data should only be changed in DSR if original registration documents are presented by the owner.
  • The documents will also provide the data to be entered in 'Registration Date' (the legal effective date of the new plate data) and 'Registration Country'.
  • A vehicle can be marked as 'de-registered' in DSR and the registration plate data will be set to 'blank'.

The Etis 'Vehicle Lookup' function searches all registration plate data on the system. If more than one VIN has the same registration plate data then they are listed so that the appropriate VIN/vehicle can be selected.

'Odometer History':

This option is only displayed if the odometer has been changed at any time and the event recorded in DSR. The resulting screen displays the key information related to any odometer replacement as recorded in the vehicle's DSR service history.

Company Owner / Private Owner

Owner data is never visible to a dealer user unless the most recent DSR service record has been entered by someone registered on Etis/DSR with the same Ford Authorised Repairer dealer code. Owner data is never visible to an independent repairer.

  • The owner data on this screen is a summary of the key contact details for the 'Company Owner' or 'Private Owner' of the vehicle as held on the Ford Cupid database.
  • If a separate driver/contact for service reminder purposes has been recorded then their name is also shown.
  • 'Approved' and 'Not Approved' contact permissions applicable for the owner at the dealer are also displayed.

'Add Customer':

This option is only available if no customer data is currently attached to the vehicle details displayed. The red alert text also displayed confirms this and requests the use of the 'Add Customer' option so that current owner details are made available for contact purposes.

  • Selection of 'Add Customer' opens the 'Change of Ownership' series of screens.

'View / Update':

This option is only available if there is owner data attached to the vehicle and is displayed.

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