Edit Digital Service Record

Once a DSR service history record has been submitted successfully it cannot be deleted. If a DSR record has been entered in complete error and needs to be deleted then contact the local NSC helpdesk.

The 'Edit' option is only available for up to 30 days after the 'Job Date' originally entered for the record. This time limit is controlled by a centrally managed 'time' parameter.

When this option is selected the 'Edit Digital Service Record' screen displays all of the data previously submitted.

  • All previously entered data can be changed but must still comply with the standard DSR data input validation rules.
  • If mandatory data is missing or any of the validation checks fail then an explanation will appear in red at the bottom of the screen. The data will not be accepted until all validation checks have been passed.
  • If an 'Odometer replaced' record is selected for editing then the 'Edit Digital Service Record' screen will only display data on the right side of the screen plus with a button 'Edit/View Odometer History'. This will access the 'Edit Odometer' screen where required changes can be made.

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