How To Access Technical Information

Using the functionality provided on the Vehicle tab displays technical information for the selected vehicle.

The information displayed is structured as hierarchical layers of information, or a parent/child relationship. When the initial information view is presented, selecting one of the layers reveals one, or many, sub layers of information. Continued expansion of these sub layers reveals procedural information.

WARNING - There may be a charge when accessing Technical Information Content, you will be informed before access if this is the case.

There are currently three types of Technical Information that can be viewed this way, namely:

  1. Mechanical Repairs - Technical Information relating to specifications, component/assembly description and operation, diagnosis and testing, component removal and installation and service and repair procedures
  2. Body & Paint - Technical Information relating to collision repair procedures, body dimensions, tolerance checks, corrosion protection and paint repair information
  3. Wiring Diagrams - Technical Information relating to wiring diagrams, connector views and component locations

When Information is selected, information for the current/last selected vehicle is displayed automatically. To view information on a different vehicle, change the vehicle selection on the Vehicle tab.

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